The end of ugly decks pitch Deck Template

Pitch deck template: The end of ugly decks for startup founders

This is the fundraising pitch deck template you need and want, and it’s available at a crazy price, for insane value.

105 slides in Keynote and PowerPoint designed specifically for fundraising. If you suffer from ‘my deck is always ugly-itus‘ here is the cure. It’s a surefire way to knock the socks of VCs and impress with your keen eye for aesthetics. All you need to worry about is having an awesome startup and traction to populate the pages with!

The origination story of this blog

When I was a VC, I hated replying ‘Come back when you have more traction‘ to founders.

I’m sure you have heard that before 😉

It’s the go-to line VCs use to ‘get out of jail free‘ and retain the option of investing in you in future (so they think). Only, that felt so phoney and I didn’t feel like I was helping people who are quite often desperate.

I’m always looking for hacks to help people more scalable, so I came up with an idea…. what if I wrote template answers to my common responses (Like, dude, your deck sucks, here is what a deck looks like)?

I set up my blog to write template answers.

I would then copy those links into my ‘pass’ emails, and in that way try help founders do better, instead of a bullshit no (but not actually saying no, of course).

The best blog I wrote was ‘Here are what decks look like.’ It’s gets viewed about 4m times a year… which is cool, but I still keep seeing crappy pitch decks. So this isn’t working…

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The pitch deck template is available through SSL secured purchase via a Stripe. The model will be immediately emailed to you.


The new idea to do more

Showing people what a funded pitch deck looks like it is clearly not enough. There’s still too many super ugly ones!

So I came up with a new idea. What if I just made a template which could be filled out? Hm, how can you f*** that up?

Yes, I’m sure people will find a way, but it will still look nicer 😉

The caveat

Now, even with a pitch deck template, your narrative and content are key. Without this we’re just polishing a turd, AKA putting lipstick on a pig.

I just wrote a free email course to teach you how to think about the narrative in your pitch deck. If you want to join for free, tap the image on the right (Again, it’s free!).

Getting your narrative and content right is a super dark art. To make you feel better, I’ve never met anyone (20 or 50) that has this sorted. If you’re stressed out, email me, and our team can help you write your deck (Not a charity).

This pitch deck template will help you structure your thoughts and effortlessly make something that is better than 99% of decks.

How and why this pitch deck template was made

Straight up, I pillaged decks I have made for clients and thought about all the slides most founders might need. I ran through the key points VCs care about and made sure they were addressed.

And so I made 115 slides!

I’m giving away the farm here. I told my friend I made this deck and he said ‘Why would you do that, won’t that kill your consulting?‘ I told him no, and here is why.

We charge $2k to make pitch decks for our startup clients (Which is still insane value for what we deliver) but I know most people, especially pre-series-A can’t afford this.pitch deck

We get emailed every day to make decks and a lot of people disappear when they get sticker shock. That’s cool. This pitch deck is for you/those folks who want ‘hustler price‘!

The value we offer in consulting is in crafting bespoke stories and business model strategy education. Every deck is different. The visual is just a part of it (but still valuable to get investors to think you are a pro).

If you are lucky and worked hard to be in the financial situation to get real help, you can afford the best. If you aren’t quite there yet, then I care about you too as you might just make something I want to buy, or will make the world more awesome! Those folks are the only reason I still do startup stuff (Sorry, I don’t care about the next food delivery company anymore…ha!).

There are a lot of bell ends that have amassed 10k followers on LinkedIn with their shiny, free, pitch deck template. They look pretty but… are total crap. You can’t actually use those slides. Yes, I checked. The use of space and structure is simply terrible.

So this is what I did:

  1. What do founders need to cover? What questions do investors care about? What structure do they expect?
  2. Break those up into sections
  3. Look at the best decks others have written and we made, then replicate them in a consistent style
  4. Make slides for what founders actually need to present
  5. Create a structure which is hard to mess up
  6. Boom town

Some pitch deck template slides to gander

At the end of the page are full examples of the pitch deck. Here are a couple of slides to quickly check out.

The sell

I think the internet sucks when you want results.

Everyone wants to be famous, but no one wants to put in the work – Kevin Hart

There are so many blogs these days it’s not funny. When I started up in ‘startup land‘ there was nothing other than Dave McClure (Whatever, I still think he is awesome… and awkward as usual). Now, you can’t possibly have time in the day to read the quantity of content that is put out there. So what do you do?

I don’t post much as anything I do needs to be the best on the internet to add value, otherwise, it’s wasted time (That’s how I think). That means some projects take a year to finish (FML). My cap table, ESOP model etc were hard as f***.

I don’t know much, but I know decks.

I nerded out and made this in a week. It only took me a week because I put in years of work.

I said f*** this. Let’s put an end to crappy decks. Elon may build the Boring Company, but maybe I can help build 100 of those by making fundraising less of a cluster f***. A pretty deck may seem lame, but it’s a crazy thing to put in the hands of the crazy 😉

Why isn’t this free then?

Good question. I want more cool stuff to exist, but I also know two things:

  1. You don’t value free
  2. Unless you stump up cash, I don’t know if I build things of value, so it is a feedback mechanism

Actually, there are three reasons. I like buying gadgets too. And no Noah Kagan, not fricking tacos. Seeing people actually pay for things is a buzz and encourages me to build more stuff.

I’m not sure, is this super affordable deck worth a round of beers?

Buddy, I priced this at 20 minutes of my consulting time. You’re going to spend at least a week writing a deck and will 95% get a ‘come back when you have traction‘ answer from investors.

99% of the time that will be because you look like a joke.

So 105 slides which were purposefully designed for fundraising, and came from decks which have raised millions of dollars each sounds expensive to you… OK. You don’t really have much to lose here other than your time figuring this out yourself.

The KeyNote version of the deck

Keynote version is better than PowerPoint, this was made in Keynote.

You can see it here:

Pitch deck template v1. FINAL Keynote

The PowerPoint version of the pitch deck template

NB: Please note this template was built in Keynote. It was converted into PowerPoint and then reformatted. PowerPoint is ugly, which is why I use Keynote now. This template will still be better than anything you’ll make, short of dropping bills on a designer, but it’s not as easy to use as Keynote (e.g. adding images). You can see what it looks like here. I’m just really honest and anal, so if something isn’t quite perfect, then fix it- I’m not charging a grand for this template! This is insane value.

Pitch deck template v1. FINAL PPT


  • What do I get when I download the pitch deck template? There are two files: One PowerPoint and one KeyNote file. There are combined into a zipped file
  • I don’t want to deal with this pitch deck thingy, can you just do it for me? Yes. Head over to Perfect Pitch Deck Email us at [email protected]
  • I’m an accelerator, can I give to everyone for free? No. You can purchase it here individually
  • I’m a consultancy, can I use this commercially? No. This is for founders to fundraise.
  • Is this legal or financial advice? No. use this at your own risk
  • Do you guarantee I will raise with this? No, raising is a bitch
  • What about the images? Legal notice: Images are used for illustration purposes. No ownership is conferred or implied and you need to get your own licences etc.

Download now

The pitch deck template is available through SSL secured purchase via a Stripe. The model will be immediately emailed to you.



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